Sunday, March 24, 2013

HTC Sense 5.0

HTC Sense 5.0

HTC's newest overlay's new Sense 5.0 overlay has been surrounded by mixed feelings since its unveiling earlier this year. HTC has taken steps to ensure that its brand will stand out of the crowd. This includes their new overlay. Sense has taken strides since its introduction. Sense 5 has taken dramatic changes from Sense 4. All throughout its life it has been either loved or hated. This version features a more minimalistic design, and new scrolling news source known as "BlinkFeed", which is reminiscent of Flipboard and Windows Phone live tiles, displays a series of news headlines and social network content. Sense 5 only uses two home screen pages: one with a traditional grid for apps and widgets, and Blinkfeed with a redesigned clock, although more pages can still be added and you don't have to use Blinkfeed. Sense 5.0 will not be available to the HTC One; on February 28, 2013, HTC announced that it would provide updates for the DNA/Butterfly, One S and the One X/X+ to Sense 5.0 in the coming months. Other changes include the use of the Roboto font and a vertical scrolling app drawer instead of the widely used horizontally scrolling one. All of the lockscreens also feature the new HTC clock and weather widget, which is located at the top of the app drawer. It's a simplified version from the original HTC clock. It's cleaner, easier to read, and blends in better with Android Jelly Bean.
HTC's updated camera app is extremely easy to use. Its very sparse and clean, allowing you to see more of what you're shooting. Toggling flash on/off, recording video, and applying fun filters are easy to access. From the settings, you have full control over everything from resolution, white balance, contrast, exposure, and ISO. It's also where you'll find settings for self-timer, HDR, and panoramic options. There's also zero-shutter lag due to the monster processor and the fact that HTC has near perfected its camera app.

HTC's new version of Sense has been refined and cleaned thoroughly though many think that the new Blinkfeed feature causes bloat. HTC's new version of Sense along with the HTC One is critical to the company's success and HTC' CEO has threatened to step down if it isn't successful.

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