Saturday, March 23, 2013

Odin Processor

Odin Processor
LG has stacked itself against the likes of Samsung with its newest smartphones the Optimus G and the upcoming Optimus G Pro, F5, and F7. It has also announced that it will be manufacturing its own processor to be featured in its rumored LG Optimus G2. Its rumored to unveil it this Fall, as the successor for the Optimus G. This processor is rumored to be an eight core system with standard ARM 15 and ARM 7 structure (though this may change in the months to come). Like the Exynos 8 core processor that will be featured in the international version of the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 2, it will feature 2 quad-core groupings; the ARM 15 to handle the nitty-gritty and the ARM 7 to handle low performance tasks.
The Optimus G2 will be similar to its predecessor

An LG official told the Korea Times newspaper that, “LG Electronics is going to mass-produce the Odin processors by using finer 28-nanometer level processing, applying high-k metal gate (HKMG) technology. The processors will be used in LG’s next flagship Optimus smartphone ― the Optimus GII ― which will probably be unveiled in this fall’s IFA trade fair.” Even though LG does not have their own processor manufacturing factory, the company will be able to pull of mass production through Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). A company spokesman said LG is going to use the Odin Processor to strengthen its competitiveness similarly to Samsung with its upcoming Exynos Octa-core processor. “CEO Koo Bon-joon is injecting more resources in smartphone-related projects to fully revive the business. LG is striving to transform itself into a major fabless chip-making firm by increasing the number of its qualified chip designers and giving authority to associated divisions,” the officials said. 

All in all, this new chip should add some new twists to an already tense market situation for most cell phone manufacturing and this should raise LG to new heights as a dominant power. Its success is critical to making smart moves regarding publicity and upcoming releases. If it follows in Samsung and Apple's footsteps we may have a new mobile power in the market.

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