Sunday, March 3, 2013

iOS 6

iOS 6

New features of ios 6 and how to upgrade

iOS 6 is Apple's latest upgrade for its products. The new OS was shipped out this past fall.  You can update your Apple device to iOS 6 through the iTunes service after the iTunes 10.7 upgrade. Devices not receiving the upgrade include the original iPad, iPod Touch 3rd Generation, and phones prior to the iPhone 3GS.


iOS 6 has removed Google Maps and YouTube. The new built-in Maps app gets rid of lag from Google's servers, making it smoother. New Maps features include turn-by-turn navigation in certain countries, 3D views and traffic. Turn-by-turn navigation is only available for iPhone 4S or later and iPad 2 or later. 3D viewing is only capable on the iPhone 4S and up, iPod touch 5th generation, and iPad 2 or later. Another change is the addition of a podcast app instead of the ability to download Podcasts through regular iTunes. iOS 6 also keeps certain documents like admission tickets and coupons with the new Passbook app. An Apple device with Passbook can be scanned under a reader for use. The Siri personal assistant now includes the ability to make restaurant reservations, launch apps, dictate Facebook or Twitter updates, find movie reviews and sports statistics. Siri is also now supported on iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad 3rd generation, iPad 4th generation and iPad mini. Facebook has now completely integrated with Apple. New privacy settings are available. iOS 6 also comes with a "Limit ad tracking" user control in the general settings menu.

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