Saturday, March 23, 2013

LG/Samsung Patent War

Samsung vs. LG Patent Warfare. Sound familiar? VS

LG is publicly demanding that it receive compensation for what it claims is copyright infringement its newest technology. LG is claiming that Samsung copied its eye-tracking technology in its upcoming smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4. LG is still looking at its patents before it decides whether it is pursuable. Samsung claims it doesn't infringe on any of LG’s patents, although this wouldn’t be the first time they have had a patent war. The technology is more of a face-tracking tech instead of “eye-tracking.” Both phones simply check to see if you’re still looking at the screen. If you are, the screen will stay on. Samsung and LG both have technology that pauses video. Samsung calls this Smart Stay and LG calls it Smart Pause. Another fought over feature is the Dual-camera addition. The Dual-camera allows for picture in picture effects and more convenient video-chat features. This is also not the first time that Samsung has been accused of patent violation. Its fight with Apple still continues over similarity of design. Apple is known to sometimes cry foul so this may be the first legitimate accusation that it has received. After LG's outcry, Samsung claimed that LG stole its LCD technology for use in its phones and then right after that LG yet again complained that Samsung stole its OLED technology. This is all very up in the air so we are all hopeful that soon this will all be sorted out.

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