Sunday, March 24, 2013

Samsung and Tizen

Samsung's setting out on its own against Apple and Google.
With its Android market share near maxing out, Samsung has a plan in mind to stay on top. In the first quarter of 2012, Samsung became the highest sellling smartphone vendor. Google has realized that Samsung's growth has overshadowed Google itself and has bought out Motorola for the purpose of competing with Samsung on a wider front. So, it would be in Samsung's best interest to high-tail it within the next few years. Samsung has announced quite recently in fact, that in the upcoming months they will debut a smartphone that will be running the still premature, open-source OS known as Tizen.
The TIzen Project is run by Samsung and Intel. It is completely and strictly an open-source system for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices since September 2011. And Samsung’s newest phone as yet unnamed would be the first ever to use Tizen. Samsung's prototype of this new OS was first seen at MWC this past February. It was reminiscient of the Galaxy SII and its OS looked very much like a stock version of Android. Though it is young, it has a chance with Samsung's huge fan base and marketing team.

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